Patients Reviews

Dr. Bartz is an amazing doctor. He explains everything to you in layman's terms. He's so nice, friendly and very knowledgeable. The staff is awesome also. The wait time is minimal. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Bartz to everyone!!!

Kinnie H. | Aug 24, 2021
After another orthopedic surgeon didn’t fix me during surgery like he said he was going to, I got a second opinion from Dr. Zhao. I’m on the road to recovery and I really am thankful for him. Also Nicole and all other staff are wonderful!

Carla W. | Oct 27, 2020
Anyone that's looking for a great orthopedic Dr./Surgeon you are definitely in the right place. I was introduce to Dr. Zhao through my bestfriend that had the same exact problem with chronic shoulder pain I describe my problem with him and he was exactly on point of my chronic symptoms. Thanks Dr.Zhao for your amazing support!!!!

Jeannette R. |
In 2017 I came to see Dr Zhao with a complete rotary tear. Dr Zhao fixed me thur 5 small incisions. I felt great until I had my first MRI. I ask the nurse if I had any metal? She said very little. I said well the MRI machine detected it. Since then I've had 2 more MRI's. My shoulder feels like it did before I had the surgery or worse. Dr Zhao told me to start doing my therapy again. I facture my pelvic and had to have to have another MRI. Well the machine they put me in was one of the strongest magnetic machine there is. My point is, the Doctor's should get together and discuss the situation a little more because believe me I'm suffering. Dr Zhao is the best surgeon there is and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Once my pelvic heals I will be going back, but I sure don't want another MRI 😭. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Zhao your the best, see you soon

Diana K. |