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Dry Needling

Dry Needling services offered in Sunnyvale and Kaufman, TX

Dry needling can be a valuable addition to a personalized physical therapy program for rotator cuff injuries, tendinitis, and a variety of other musculoskeletal conditions. At Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute in Sunnyvale and Kaufman, Texas, the team provides dry needling services to reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Call Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute for more information, or schedule an appointment online today.

Dry Needling Q & A

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a procedure that might be included in your personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation program at Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute. The technique targets pain and dysfunction associated with trigger points, which are nodules in your muscles. 

During the procedure, the team inserts fine needles through your skin and into these trigger points. They don’t inject anything through these needles: Instead, the needle stimulates the trigger point to induce healing and pain relief. When the needle enters a trigger point, the muscle twitches or contracts. 

Dry needling increases blood flow to a painful or dysfunctional muscle that isn’t getting the healthy oxygenated blood supply it needs. It also triggers the release of endorphins, which are chemical signallers in your brain that reduce your pain perception. 

Which conditions and injuries does dry needling treat?

Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute offers dry needling as part of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation for a number of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

  • Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder pain
  • Tendinitis 
  • Disc issues and other spinal conditions
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • Whiplash injuries and other neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

The team evaluates your injury or condition to ensure an accurate diagnosis. They may recommend other forms of physical therapy alongside dry needling, including exercises for strengthening and range of motion. 

What should I expect during dry needling?

Some people worry that dry needling is painful or at least mildly uncomfortable. Trigger points can be very tender, so even touching them may cause some discomfort. Fortunately, dry needling improves more discomfort than it causes. 

You might feel tightness or soreness immediately after your treatment, but stretching and other gentle exercises can offer some relief. 

How long do improvements from dry needling last?

The effects of dry needling can last several days after your treatment, but you can enjoy long-term benefits from repeated dry needling procedures. The exact duration of your results varies from person to person, but the team continuously updates your care plan according to your needs to make sure you get the most out of dry needling. 

Call Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute or schedule an appointment online to find out if dry needling can benefit you today.