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Posture Restoration

Posture Restoration services offered in Sunnyvale and Kaufman, TX

Posture restoration helps you breathe easier and improves your circulation, among many other benefits. At Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute in Sunnyvale and Kaufman, Texas, the team trains you to carry excellent posture so you can minimize pain and injuries. To schedule a consultation for posture restoration and other beneficial physical therapies, call Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute or book an appointment online today.

Posture Restoration Q & A

What is posture restoration?

Posture restoration is a group of physical therapy services that aim to help you keep your spine in alignment all the time. It’s easy for your posture to fall out of balance, especially if you stand or sit for long periods. Posture restoration trains you to align your spine to minimize injuries, improve your biomechanics, and minimize musculoskeletal imbalances. 

You work on three main goals through posture restoration at Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute:

Repositioning your spine

Specific exercises in posture restoration help you align your bones and muscles to keep your back straight. Good posture leads to better function of the entire musculoskeletal system, like your nerves and respiratory system.

Retraining your spine

The next step in posture restoration involves training your nerves and muscles to move properly and maintain balance. This is crucial for avoiding falling back into poorer posture. 

Restoring your function

With diligent posture training, you can strengthen many of your muscles and optimize your musculoskeletal function. 

What are the complications of having poor posture?

Poor posture has more potential complications than you might expect. An off-balance posture can impact numerous muscles and organs, leading to discomfort, pain, and other symptoms throughout your body. You’re at risk of multiple injuries and complications because of poor posture, which is why posture restoration is so important. 

Poor posture can cause:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Reduced lung function
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor circulation
  • Nerve impingement

If you already experience pain because of your poor posture, the team can target it in your personalized physical therapy care plan. 

Which techniques are used in posture restoration?

Plenty of techniques can result in posture improvements, such as better circulation and easier breathing. The team works closely with you and uses various evidence-based posture restoration techniques, including breathing techniques and strengthening exercises. 

Breathing exercises aid in restoring posture because they strengthen your diaphragm, an important muscle in keeping your core aligned. 

Schedule a posture restoration consultation over the phone or online at Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute to start working on your posture improvements today.